Billing and transactions


Amphora Data maintains a real time ledger of all Amphora bought and sold. Appropriate subsets of this ledger are displayed to different organisations and forms the basis of monthly invoicing. As all users can both buy and sell Amphoras, your organisations balance may be positive or negative.

At the end of the billing period, you may withdraw positive balances and are required to pay negative balances. Users in arrears after 30 days will have their accounts suspended or cancelled.

View transactions

To view your organisations transactions, go to your organisation page. On the left hand side, click Accounts and you will be able to explore all your transactions

View invoice

Your monthly invoice can be viewed on the organisation page or on a notification email.

Pay invoice

Payments must be currently made through bank transfer. We will be deploying an embedded payments system shortly.

Withdraw credits

You can withdraw credits. Currently request this through and this will be processed. We will be deploying an embedded refund system shortly.