Register an Application

Registering an Application is required for users to login to a 3rd party application with their Amphora Data Identity.

At this time, you can only register an application directly via the API.

Applications are only available to Organisations on the Institution plan

Register an Application using Python

Use the following code to register an application

You need at least the amphoradata python SDK, version > 0.10.6

import os
from amphora.client import AmphoraDataRepositoryClient, Credentials
from amphora_api_client import ApplicationsApi, CreateApplication, AppLocation
# provide your login credentials
credentials = Credentials(username=os.environ['username'],
# create a client for interacting with the public Amphora Data Repository
client = AmphoraDataRepositoryClient(credentials)
# create an amphora
appApi = ApplicationsApi(client.apiClient)
appLocations = [
AppLocation(origin="http://localhost:3000", allowed_redirect_paths=["/#/callback"])
app = appApi.applications_create_application(
logout_url="http://localhost:3000/logout" ))
print(f'Your Application ID is {}')