Buy Data

To access data from other organisations, search the Amphora Data Catalogue.

Buy an Amphora

Buy with web application

To access any data in an Amphora, you need to purchase it. Many Amphora don't cost anything but still need to be purchased. Purchase the Amphora you want by clicking the Buy button in the top right of the Amphora page.

Buy programmatically

You can buy an Amphora programmatically. The command is


Note that you must accept the terms and conditions in the Amphora through the web app. You only need to do this once for each terms and conditions, not for each Amphora.

Accept terms and conditions

You may need to accept the terms and conditions of the Amphora. These terms and conditions govern the use of the data and must be adhered to - please read them carefully.

View bought Amphora

After you purchase the Amphora, it will show up on your organisation profile as a Debit.

You can watch a video of finding and buying an Amphora on our YouTube Channel.