Manage a listed Amphora

View consumers of Amphora

As an owner of an Amphora, you can see you has purchased the Amphora by clicking Show has purchased in the bottom right of the View Amphora page.

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Edit Amphora

You can edit an Amphora through the web interface by clicking the Edit button in the bottom right of the View Amphora page.

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This will take you to a page similar to the Create Amphora page and you can edit the details as needed

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Delete the Amphora

You can delete your own Amphora at any time. Follow the instructions above for editing the Amphora and click Delete at the bottom of the page.

You should check if anyone is still using the Amphora and redirect them to new data if at all possible.

The Amphora will stay on the platform for 48 hours pending deletion. During this time, no one can buy it and it will be deleted from the platform after this period.

Tips for best practice

There are several key steps to follow to maintain the best Amphora

Check regularly to see if signals are updating:

  • Signals may stop working due to a variety of reasons.
  • Set up your own processes and code to ensure you are aware of any issues.

Respond promptly to any issues users identify:

  • Users can raise issues with the Amphora through our integration with GitHub.

  • Try to resolve these issues as fast as possible.

Update any metadata, labels, description or T&Cs as needed:

  • Data sets can change over time for a variety of reasions.

  • Make sure you keep the Amphora description and metadata up-to-date, especially the terms and conditions.

Share interesting usecases or sample code:

  • You should share interesting uses for your data with the rest of the Amphora Data community (where commercially appropriate)

  • You will help contribute to the community as well as drive more interest in your datasets