Add File to Amphora

Amphoras are standardised data containers. To share your data, you need to create an Amphora then fill it with whatever data you want.

Add File with web app

The max file size for uploading through the web interface is currently 10MB. There is no size limit for uploading files through the API

You can add any kind of file to an Amphora - images, text files, csv, word documents etc. To upload a file from your computer, click the upload button, select a file, then click upload.

Add file amphora

Note that you need a steady connection to upload files and some users have reported issues due to poor connection with their internet providers.

Add File programmatically


You can add a file with python using


The basic code to get started add files is

# Import Amphora modules
from amphora.client import AmphoraDataRepositoryClient, Credentials
# Import non-Amphora modules
import os
# Login to
credentials = Credentials(username=os.getenv('username'), password=os.getenv('password'))
client = AmphoraDataRepositoryClient(credentials)
# Get Amphora object
amphora = client.get_amphora(Amphora_id)
# Push file to amphora

You can download this code from GitHub. There is also more detailed docs in the Python SDK section.


Code for pulling signals can be found on GitHub. We are expanding our docs for C# so stay tuned for more details.


Code for pulling signals can be found on GitHub. We are expanding our docs for Node.js so stay tuned for more details.